« Be the change that you want to see in the world »   Gandhi

Preoccupied by tomorrow’s world, we, Christophe and Valérie, citizens of the world, entrepreneurs, managers, have decided to act today by following a CSR approach. It leans on 3 pillars: the environment, the society, the economy, each of which we carry out an action for, alone or with our customers and providers.

The environnement

Controlling our consumptions

Together: sensitizing our customers to energy savings, namely electricity and water by putting information stickers in the rooms (switch off the lights, lower the temperature when I leave the room…), sensitizing our customers to water saving by advising them to turn off the shower water during « soaping » and the tap water during « teeth brushing ».

La Peyrade: installation of energy-saving bulbs and leds, diffusers on taps, showerhead supports in showers at man’s height, choice of classic toilet flush (no double touch system 3/6 litres… since pressing the 6 litres touch is often systematic…) with appropriate level setting of float valve. Installation on site of an electrolyse system (VULCAN) to fight against calcium build-up and its consequences on taps, toilet flush, hoses… frequently causing many leaks.

Preserving, respecting Nature

Welcoming our customers means offering wellbeing during their stay. If some people see the lack of swimming-pool with a critical eye, it is a choice imposed by our geographic position. Where nature cannot stop the man, we have decided to stop and to respect the natural constraints of our site, without diverting them. No swimming-pool at La Peyrade and no irreversible « hole » in the mountain to which we are linked. But it is still possible to adapt to nature…so we have chosen a more harmonious solution: a Nordic bath heated with wood. In the open, its outdoor spa combines simplicity, tradition, ecology and wellbeing.

Welcoming our customers in greenery is also one of our choices by making the outside look like a landscape. This is one of the spring 2017 works, which will end up with a space ornamented with plants and local essences where biodiversity is respected and invasive species are under control, with an authentic and balanced plant palette.

Natural Air-conditioning

By responsible choice, we do not have air-conditioned rooms. Our rooms are exposed to the sun in the morning and are in the shade in the afternoon. The installation of shade sails on each terrace will enable, beside the natural shade, to keep a bearable temperature while preserving the health of our customers and of our planet…

Waste management

In room/studio: sensitizing our customers to our action of waste management via the presence of bins with selective sorting. On the rest of the site: waste is sorted, plastic caps and corks are collected to support charities. Most glasses (bottles) are returnable with our providers.

The company


To guarantee a quality service to our customers is our cornerstone. From reception to checking-out, our customers must be delighted. Each customer is given a questionnaire which allows us to check the quality of our services and the satisfaction level of our customers.

Health and Safety of Consumers

The HACCP system is applied inside our kitchen, allowing us to control the health safety of foodstuffs. Respect of areas, check and record of temperatures in cold areas, respect of hygiene in cooking and washing-up operations. Homeopathic use of chemical products, for using more natural products: white vinegar, lemon, use of steam cleaners, disposal paper towers, eco-label certified.

Our rules of procedure is present in all rooms, it reminds users the keys of having a stay in full serenity and full safety. It is the same for using Wi-Fi, for which the rules are also reminded to our customers, for the common good and respect of all.

Associative Involvement

After many years of action and commitment with JCI (Junior Chamber International), supporting initiatives, whether local or not, is highly important for us. We bring our financial help to local sports associations (football, judo…) and we support other projects that have convinced us by putting them on our website.

For example, EcoBalade is a new way to experience a moment in nature. Learn how to recognize fauna and flora, share your discoveries …

The economy

Controlled and reasoned Purchases

From toiletries (soap, shower gel and shampoo) to cleaning and household products, we try to find the most natural possible products (white vinegar, neutral soaps…) at fair prices.

To live with our territory

Working in proximity is also one of our choices. Doing business with companies from our local territory is one of our priorities. To do so :

  • The hotel laundry care is given to ESAT les Abeilles in Figeac
  • We buy our food at local stores (bread, meat, cheese, fruits and vegetables…) by favouring products from the territory and seasonal ones.
  • The maintenance of our equipments is given to companies located in our area

Working with local people allows us to boost the local economy while underlying the image of the territory in which we are located.

This proximity approach also allows us to save delivery time in goods transportation and therefore reduce the ecological footprint with less greenhouse gas emission.

Join us in this approach!