Our region is famous for its unmissable villages.

Cajarc is at the crossroads of many sites to be seen or rediscovered, which, via the Lot or Célé valley, make up the famous St James Route to Compostela that runs through the county.

Only 20km away from here, you can discover St Cirq Lapopie, perched on a cliff 100 m above the Lot River, selected as best village of French People in 2012.

Rocamadour, built up the cliff, and perched 120m above the Alzou canyon.

Cahors, its medieval streets and its superb Valentré Bridge, listed at UNESCO World Heritage.

Figeac, with its Champollion museum, its Place des Ecritures, where we can see the famous Rosette stone.

Conques, listed among the nicest villages of France for its Roman architecture.

Visit the grotto of Pech Merle, which counts prehistoric paintings and engravings more than 20,000 years old.

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Visit the grottos of Lacave, dug in the Causse de Gramat.

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Visit the grottos of Presque and their amazing crystallizations.

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Visit the prehistoric grotto of Foissac bordering the Causse du Quercy.

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Take a plunge 103m underground, in the Gouffre de Padirac (ravine), 8km from Rocamadour and enjoy the great show of this natural cavity.

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Go caving, make canyoning, abseiling, and explore the underground rivers and the natural sculptures of Béduer, 10km from Cajarc

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Escape for a walk with animals at the Bee House in Rocamadour.

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At Borie d’Imbert take a stroll in a farm

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at Reptiland spend a day beside crocodiles, snakes, lizards, tortoises…

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Go to the monkey forest for an exceptional excursion amid 150 macaques living freely over 20ha

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Go to the eagles’ rock, where you can enjoy the grandiose show of birds of prey and parrots

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Or even to the Wildlife Park of Gramat, where you can enjoy a stroll in 40 shaded ha.

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Our gastronomy has a few specialities.

During your stay, take the chance to taste some: truffles; foie gras; melon of Quercy; Rocamadour cheese made from raw goat’s milk; Pastis, a sort of pie made with apples marinated in rum; Saffron, a spice often mixed with local products; or even the famous wines from Cahors produced from a small vineyard, one of the oldest in Europe.

Discover stunning landscapes, by practicing your favourite activity.

By hiking or mountain biking, experience the Causse along marked trails

Discover the many Cazelles – dry stone huts – scattered across the area

Onboard a ship, a canoe, a rowing boat, by jet skiing, water skiing, sail on a preserved river

Treat yourself with an exemplary water quality and enjoy the various safe bathing spots at Brengues, Cabrerets, Saint-Sulpice, Luzech…

Ride along the horse trails with the Horse Farm Chez Valdine at Calvignac, the Equestrian Centre of Mas de Laval at Salvagnac, the Stables of Seuzac…